Comprehensive Bundle - $649

* Note this bundle can be customized if you only require support over night or during the day 

This supportive bundle is ideal if you are an exhausted parent who is wanting a comprehensive 24 hour package that provides you with both in-home support and virtual coaching.  I will come into the home and get to know you and your family before helping you put your little one to bed for the evening.  Once your little is settled for the night and the webcam is in place, I will be there to support you via phone for the entire night returning to your home for your little ones first nap of the day.  When your little one wakes during the night you will phone me before attending to your child and I will coach you through every overnight wakeup or resettling during the night.  It is comforting to know someone is supporting you, but extremely rewarding when you are doing the work to teach your little one to sleep well.  I will talk you through the process of the sleep training method step by step and will return in the morning to work with you through your little ones naps, awake times and ensuring your little one does not become over tired in the day.  This hands-on approach will end after your little one settles for the second night. 

 This package includes:

  • 24 hours of hands on or virtual support. We will review your child’s sleep environment, nutrition, naps, family commitments and take a holistic approach to ensure we get your little one to love sleep. Together we will discuss your child’s needs, sleep training methods and what suits your family best 
  • Within 48 hours after your consultation you will receive your tailor-made sleep plan 
  • Practical hands on demonstration for 2 nights of settling to sleep
  • Virtual coaching overnight till 6am
  • Hands on coaching for all naps for one day 
  • Discussion of different sleep training techniques and sleep solutions
  • 2 weeks of follow up support via phone and email
  • Full assessment of logs over the next fortnight


If you want more information on how I can help or have questions about my packages, please enquire now and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
I can’t wait for your little ones to just love sleep!


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