Kind words from parents I have helped

Krystal was amazing! I was struggling with my baby girls sleep routine. We were having most days with less than a few hours sleep and not getting to bed until like 10 for night sleeps. Krystal provided me with the knowledge of tired signs, a plan and some different techniques. We now have day time sleeps and an amazing night routine where she’s in bed between 6 and 7 and some nights just one wake up and others a full 12 hours sleep. Thanks so much for all of your help Krystal. Would highly recommend! - Kelly Cecelia, Tauranga

I recommend 'Sleep by Krystal' a 100%. If your little ones are having trouble with naps or sleeps my little angel would not nap during the day or would fall asleep on me then if i put her down she would wake up. Since working with the 'Sleep by Krystal' plan Krystal created she is in a routine with napping properly through the day and is napping in her own cot now and sleeping so much better at nights her work is amazing a big thank-you for your brilliant work.  - Jess, Tauranga 

I hosted a coffee group with Krystal. Such a lovely lady that left us all feeling a lot more confident in our babies sleeping. She had lots of great tips and was really keen to listen to our concerns and offer her advice.Thanks Krystal  - Jessica 

Krystal was so helpful in sorting out our baby girl's day time naps. After getting a thorough picture of our girl she set out a plan, then adapted it with us to create something achievable for us all. She understands that no child is the same and we all have different needs. Thanks heaps for your help Krystal!
- Sara Dennis, Tauranga

Krystal was amazing at restoring my knowledge and giving me the confidence of what to do again with a newborns sleep. Lockdown wasn’t easy with a newborn but she helped me understand the importance of creating healthy sleeping patterns. We are still a work in progress but I am so thankful to have had Krystal to support me through one of my toughest times yet as a parent. Forever grateful.
- Morgan 

I attended a coffee group with Krystal and found her to be very professional and warm. I have had lots of issues with a 7 month old who has decided sleep isn't really his thing, and she gave heaps of tips, tricks and ideas for moving forward. Highly recommend Krystal as a sleep consultant, I felt very much heard, and motivated to stick to a plan! - Larrissa, Tauranga

Highly recommend Krystal and her work! We were having issues with our little girls day and night sleeps equaling a tired grizzly baby and a very tired mum. Krystal was amazing at listening and putting a plan into place that suited both myself and my daughter, she regularly checked in to see how we were going and added in any tips and tricks if needed.It's taken a few weeks of consistency but day sleeps are totally on track and nights are getting there 🙂 Thanks so much Krystal for all your help and support in what can be a tough time.  - Nat, Wanaka

Definitely recommend Krystal and her work! Was having issues with my girl and her naps. Puts real time and effort into making a detailed person centered plan for you and your little one. Follow up with you to keep you on track and make sure the plan is working for everyone. Plus the tips and tricks she has, helping with smaller things to aid you and your child’s sleep environment. Thank you Krystal! X 
- Victoria, Papamoa 

Krystal helped get my active 6 month olds' sleep on track, he was a daytime catnapper that needed my assistance to settle and resettle. Since receiving a detailed sleep plan tailored to my bubbas needs, he has started sleeping well in the day and night time. We've gone from multiple wake ups and feeds at night to an average of one feed and sometimes a resettle. She was very supportive and provided tips and techniques to help me teach my baby to sleep soundly without relying so heavily on me to help. I would recommend Krystal to anyone needing some support and guidance on baby/toddler sleep. - Susie, Tauranga

Highly recommend! My 2.5yr old used to be a great sleeper then at the beginning of lock down she started needing me to lay with her to get to sleep, and at 34 weeks pregnant, that started getting really difficult and then she was waking around 1am and joining us in our bed. Which was not going to be ideal with a newborn arriving soon. Krystal was able to help me figure out the best way to fix this for Maia's personality type (she is quite sensitive) and even took the time to hand draw a rewards chart for her. It only took about 3 nights to get her sleeping back on track and Krystal was always there if i needed to talk. Thank you so much Krystal. I am now a much less stressed out pregnant mumma and Maia is getting a good nights rest! - Sarah, Papamoa

Krystal has been super helpful! My 11 week old was feeding to sleep, snacking and catnapping, and I knew I wanted to break these habits early on and form more positive sleep associations. Krystal gave me a plan and helped me better identify my daughter’s tired signs as every baby may show slightly different signs. Although it was hard making some changes, within 4 days, my daughter was already used to not snack feeding and I was able to settle her in her own bed without having just been fed and sleeping on me. I was a bit sceptical about darkening her room but it’s made such a huge difference in allowing her to go to sleep much quicker and sometimes unassisted. I really valued how much time and energy Krystal spent working with me and replying to all of my queries. Thanks Krystal! - Natalie, Tauranga


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